Kari (Digimon) saved by Astro Boy

Lara Jill Miller, Canadian voice actress, the voice who played Kari in both Digimon seasons and its movie, happened to be as a few female characters in Metro City, in the 2003 anime TV show of ‘Astro Boy’.

I remember watching my first episode on that 2003 anime show, as it was her in it! She was a farm girl who needed Astro’s help to save her farmland if she can trust him. They flew together, as her farm was amazing! All the crops, fruit and vegetables were at the size of monster truck, as the crop fields were passed 50ft high. A traitor was on this as she needed to stop him.  And they did.

She was saved luckily by Astro as he and the farm robots saved her farmland. She was proud of him. She rode on Astro one last time as they flew right into a rainbow! Amazing! I’m proud of her and Astro. 


Although the actress may have moved on, but I still love her, and Kari in mostly all the anime there is together. 

Kari may have met Astro, played by Freddie Highmore, but she has the heart of a tiger as Astro has the heart of a lion as they made great heroes. But also friends. And if there is any trouble again, just ask her, Gatomon and Astro Boy. 



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