Exodus: Gods and Kings

Better than ‘Noah’ and directed by Ridley Scott, Christian Bale plays Moses in this extraordinary version of the 1956 movie classic, of ‘The Ten Commandments’.

Since he was a prince of Egypt, can cast away from home, he gets a mission from God as he leads his people and Hebrew slaves away from Egypt. After for what Egypt had did for 400 years of slavery, for that is wrong.

He trained them for war, revolution, as they have burned homes, farms and boats with oil, as then comes the Ten Plagues of Egypt. Crocodiles and alligators feasting on fishermen, turning the water into blood, flies, frogs and locusts attacking farmers, hail dropping down hard, firestorms, cows and livestock dying, lice attacking too, darkness as children have died, boils, as wild livestock go out control. Finally comes the angel of death.

Every man, women and child leave Egypt as they are all free. Never again to do work under the command of the pharaoh. The pharaoh have weeped in pain, as his newborn child have died by the angel of death, as they mummified him.

The pharaoh became pissed, as he and his men wanted to kill Moses. Every horse soldier charged on, as the pharaoh ordered.

Marched across the desert, over the mountains, Moses and his people made it to the Red Sea.

Like the famous scene in 1956 on ‘The Ten Commandments’, in film history, the water in the sea water currents lowered down, as they crossed the Red Sea. As they made it, the tides came rushing back drowning the pharaohs men, as some died in a cliff a avalanche. Due to tremors by their chariots on the cliff.

4,000 horse soldiers by the pharaoh, died in the ocean with their horses and chariots as they have been eaten by Red Sea sharks. Ramses was left alone, weeping back on shore. With a new life, being free, Moses receives the Ten Commandments as he takes the Ark of Covenant.

The Ark of Covenant! From ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ with Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones! And Charlton Heston would be proud of him, for what he did. 8/10 stars in this.

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