Bindi Irwin and Free Willy

Bindi Irwin. Australian actress. Daughter of Terri Irwin, and Steve Irwin, the ‘Crocodile Hunter’ himself. I must say.

I first knew her father, when I first saw him on TV. He was a brave man as he faced a lot of wildlife challenges. Even on alligators and crocodiles. He portrayed as himself along with Terri in “Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course”. He did amazing, as he did a great TV show. On Discovery Channel that President Bush loved, and how it was on the channel, Animal Planet. Very well done on him.

I started to hear things about her, when she was young as she did a TV show. He wanted to help wildlife like her father. Steve was with her, in that show. Along with Terri.

Things were amazing, as I found out about this. On a November stormy day, while I was coming home from school in Grade 6, with my dad, bros and I, my bros and I were surprised to hear about Steve Irwin from my dad. He had died from a stingray attack as it stung him. It must’ve been painful when this did.

I must’ve felt sorry for Terri and Bindi when this did. As they must’ve been very sad as they said ‘goodbye’ when they came to his funeral. We all felt sorry for her. After that, she did on doing good things. Like what she can do in acting.

That was when I was very proud of her, in a movie I couldn’t believe it. She was in “Free Willy: Escape from Pirates Cove”. She helped an orca to get back to his family, thanks to herself and her uncle as they did a grand job. I was proud of her, and orcas. As she did great in acting.

But who was this ‘Free Willy’? Let me tell you, as I’ve seen it’s movies, but too dramatic. I wanted to post about them, on this blog but couldn’t. Too dramatic. In it’s first movie, I saw this a bit in the beginning on VHS from the video shop, and some scenes on TV, as I saw the entire movie, it was about a big orca as it was captured by poachers. Taken to a amusement park.

I feel kinda sorry for that. However, there was more about that when a troublesome 12 year old adoptive boy, was making trouble in the streets, stealing food, money and making a mess at the park as he got into trouble. Wanted to find his mother, but couldn’t. Taken by the police, he was sent to a foster home, as he began to start a new life.

In his punishment, he was to clean up the mess at the park. However, he befriended that orca whale as he learned a lot about orcas. Met new friends too. That boy named Jesse and that killer whale Willy, became good friends, as Jesse had to find a way to get Willy home. That is what Willy wanted. Things began to get worse, as a man played by Michael Ironslide wanted to do something worse. His crew wrecked the pool there, as Jesse and his adoptive parents began to help Willy escape. They did as Willy made a terrific scene, in filmography history as he jumped, as Jess touched him as he was home free. A music video was made by Michael Jackson, as it was dedicated to an association for orca whales. Very helpful.

Two sequels came, along with final installment. In “Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home”, it was two years since for what happened in the first movie. Willy was growing up with his whale family, as Jesse and his adoptive parents were planning a camping trip. Before that, news had came. His mother that abandoned him, died in New York as a 8 year boy was all thats left. A brother he might have named Elvis. He never wanted to have a brother. He wanted to see his mom. It was harsh on him, when he heard she died.

Jesse and Elvis had to get along though, as they went on this camping trip. However, Jesse was glad to see Willy again, as they made a great scene close to the camp site. Later, he met Willy again, only this time, with his two sisters. Luna and Little Spot. He met Nadine, a girl as they and the whales did a great love scene, while swimming.

An adventure, economical and dangerous was to happen, when a oil tanker bursted out oil from the bottom as an oil spill was raged. The oil company was to pay for all that, as the same as the crew on that tanker ship. Flames on fire, flamed everywhere as it was a chance on saving Willy, his sisters and themselves. A terrific end was amazing, as Elvis showed Jesse a photograph of their mom. He told Jesse she had mentioned about him, missed him, loved him, cared for him, and everything she can before she died. They did great as brothers, as Willy and his sisters were saved.

In “Free Willy 3: The Rescue”, Willy made love to another orca named Nikki as they had to survive from whale killers. Far up north, close to Alaska, Jesse and a friend found Willy again as they had a rescue to attempt to. It was so adventurous and dramatic, it was a chance on saving orcas than killing them. The boys father, was a harpoon shooter as he forgives his son. No more of that. Willy and Nikki had a son, as they were together as a new family. Very generous.

And I suppose, that calf ran into Bindi in that fourth installment.

So Bindi and Willy I think, made great friends, as Bindi must’ve heard about the three movies of ‘Free Willy’ as she volunteered to play as a character in the fourth installment of the movie series.
The way I think about her, I must be proud of her at all times. Orcas too, as they are a great race of killer whales, even close to British Columbia. I’m proud of her, for what she did. And there are a few things she may hear about to be proud of.

Her father and mother should be proud of her, for what she did for ‘Free Willy’ and the original ‘Free Willy’ whale should be proud of her too. And I can imagine her, out in the waters of British Colombia, she’d be riding on ‘Free Willy’ now along with a pod of orcas. As I’m making a film of this as the new Stanley Kubrick, as she’s with them, along with the actor who played Jesse. Jason James Richter. They’d be orca killer whale riders by now.

Steve Irwin must’ve done something on those orcas before he died, as he might’ve did that in a episode. However, I’m just proud on Bindi as for what she did as an actress, as her parents and the original ‘Free Willy’ would be proud of her too.

And I can imagine that idea, as she’d be right now with Jason, Willy and those killer whales, as they’d be orca whale riders right now. Riding in the waters, with those magnificent orcas. That is the beauty of that, in nature.

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