What I understand well in “A Clockwork Orange”?

Since I first saw this movie by Stanley Kubrick, I didn’t know well when I borrowed a DVD copy from the Ottawa Public Library as I tried it. I watched it a bit, as I skipped some scenes until I got to the end. That was then.

Now, I understand well. I understand everything.

Stanley Kubrick’s, “A Clockwork Orange” was based on the novel by Anthony Burgess. About a dystopian future where nudity, sexuality, violence and course language is allowed. It took place in London as Alex DeLarge played by Malcolm McDowell was a young criminal as he was obsessed in Beethoven music.

He and his droogs, Pete, Georgie and Dim, would sit in a milk bar, down below the streets. They would sit, stay, stare and drink that type of milk as they would think about what to do for the evening. The stuff they were drinking would sharpen them up and get ready to do the ultra violence.

They had gang fights, invading people’s houses, taken on homeless drunken people, and murdering them. Even when he sings, “Singin’ in the Rain”. Alex on one hand, sometimes daydreams on doing what he can for a living. One day, he would skip school as he invited two girls over as they made sex and love. Even when he met them at a music store.

However, his friends needed to change after that. When Alex took things the wrong way as a punk leader, one night after beating up a cat lady, they smashed a glass milk bottle in his face as they ran off. No more. Alex was bleeding in pain, screaming a he got arrested by the police.

He was sent to jail after that. However, the government wanted to do something to change people.

Alex was sent to a hospital, as he was strapped in a chair, wearing a different type of headband helmet as his hair was twisted up, and his eyelids were wide open by wires. That way he can’t close them. A doc would sit right beside him, placing drops of brainwashing medicine in his eyes whenever he watches movies. At first he was okay, when he watched some good parts. However, his eyes watched as he began to change. He didn’t wanted to watch more.

He was okay when the first test was over. The second test made him suffer and scream as he watched the screen. He wished to stop this, but the government couldn’t take it. They did a test on him, to make him do violence and touch boobies. But he couldn’t. He was brainwashed to never again do any of that stuff. He was sent home for good, as two of his friends as police officers beaten him up. He was growing weaker.

When his brainwashing in his head had gotten stronger, he was out of his mind as he had no choice but to jump out of the window. He had broken parts of his bones in his body as he was sent to a medical hospital. The government was to never again to any of that stuff, on brainwashing as I suppose every man in the British government got fired for handling people. No more governments in this dystopian future at all.

He was able to eat as his casts couldn’t make him move his arms. A nurse was able to cut his food and feed him, as a friend took care of that. He was a governor as he will start a new life. And so will Alex.

The movie ended, as the press came in as they took photos of Alex and his friend. He was a cured man as he will soon get out of the hospital. When they played Beethoven music, his eyes twitched upwards as he was daydreaming. About he and his girlfriend making love, having sex in the snow, bare naked as Christmas 18th century type people would watch them and clap at them.

This is a 7/10 star movie for sure, as I understand well. And Alex’s four last words were before the credits role, as ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ performed by Gene Kelly was played were….

“I was cured alright!”

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