Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

In this third and final movie to the ‘Night at the Museum’, this was about saving friends before the end. It was the last of Mickey Rooney and Robin Williams before their deaths.

In the beginning, the tablet and, the pharaoh as a mummy and his parents tomb were discovered by American and British archeologists. It was in Egypt, 1938 when this did.

Today, at the Museum of Natural History in New York, the tablet was losing its magic. You can tell when its corroding green, like if its getting rusted. Whenever it loses its magic, it males the characters come to life go insane. It was up to Ben Stiller as that night guard to restore the magic. Only by the pharaoh’s parents in London, at the British Museum.

The British Museum was seen in the movie, “The Mummy Returns” when Imhotep came back to life again as a mummy as he was seeking to the Scorpion King. 

If he and his son fail, then all of those friends will not come back to life at all. They had a crazy night though, but it was good. Throughout the movie. The crazy guy all along, was Lancelot! He thinks King Arthur and Guinivere are alive but aren’t. He took the tablet until he learned a lesson.

All went well, when the tablet had it’s magic back, as the pharaoh stayed with his parents at the British Museum, along with the tablet.

It was a last farewell for that night guard, as he said goodbye to his friends on his last night. He was no longer a night guard anymore. He retired.

3 years later before the end, the Museum of Natural History had it’s tablet back again, as the pharaoh and Lancelot paid a visit. Along with a skeleton of a Triceratops as it began to play with the skeleton of a T-Rex. 

Besides Ben, Robin and Mickey, in this movie were Owen Wilson as that cowboy figure, Steve Coogan as that Roman gladiator as they faced Pompeii, Ben Kingsley as the pharaoh’s father, Dan Stevens as psycho knight Lancelot, Rebel Wilson as that British gate guard, Ricky Gervais as the museum owner, Rami Malek as the pharaoh, Dick Van Dyke and Bill Cobbs along with Mickey as those retired night guard men at the retirement home, since the first movie as Dick was nice to tell Larry about the tablet corroding, Patrick Gallagher as Attila the Hun, Hugh Jackman and Alice Eve as themselves, AND….

As a archeologist named Archibald Stanley in the prologue in the opening scene, it was him that he told me as I saw him. I thanked him for everything I believed in. He is, my neighbor Matt Frewer!

Matt Frewer was in this movie! My neighbor from Gatineau. I’m proud of him, as I thank him, for doing such a great job in this movie. 10/10 stars on that actor!

However in this movie, it can have bad scenes at some point, so I rate this a 6/10 star movie. But I’d give 10/10 stars on Matt Frewer.

On the way home from the movie, I listened to “Amazing Grace” on my IPhone, the song from the end of that movie as it’s a farewell song to those two guys.

But I am proud for my neighbor, Matt Frewer. For he did such a great job in this movie.

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