Chris Evans, Jamie Bell and John Hurt star in this dystopian ice age movie that you could have the ride of your life. When a second ice age struck, all life became extinct as humanity’s last survivors are boarded on a very big passenger train. It goes around the world as life on it wasn’t fair. They were people in the tail end of the train who have been trying to make it to the front. A revolt against the rich.

Almost like “The Hunger Games”, “The Maze Runner” and “The Colony”, this was a chance of survival as people needed to play fair and stay safe.

This train had everything. A garden, a school, a kitchen, an aquarium, a sushi bar, a meat storage, passenger seats, a dentist, a royal dining section, a hair salon, a swimming pool section, an observation car, a steam room, a bachelor deck, a coat deck, a radio room, a powerhouse room, and the engine run by powerful motors. It’s so powerful, it can hit hard through ice blocking the track.

The people at the front are so rich, they don’t care as they want to be wealthy. But people need to know, people need to be equal.

A sacrifice was held as their chances came to an end. After an explosion was let off, it started to cause avalanche. It had killed all people and everything on board for good riddance. There were two survivors. Only two survivors. One teenage girl and one small boy. They saw a polar bear heading north and that was that.

This is a 6/10 star movie. Good movie. However, we all need to be equal to survive in a second ice age.

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