Escape from New York

With an all star cast, directed by John Carpenter, Kurt Russell plays Snake Plisskin as he’s on a dangerous mission.

New York was once a major city, as it’s now a prison. All of Manhattan. All the bridges and boats have been mined as no one gets out. They say you go in, you may never come out. Thats the rule. The wall all around it is massive, and the police force is like an army.

It was the end to crime and how Russia and China were almost at war together. The President of the US was embarking on stopping this when Air Force One was hijacked by Russian kamikaze pilots. He escaped in a pod, as the plane crashed. Everyone died on it, as the President was taken captive by the criminals in New York. Taken away.

Snake was offered a rescue mission to save the President. Some of the criminals there have heard about him, as they saw him. There were a few members that joined his mission. A taxi cab driver played by Ernest Borgnine, and a friend he met a while ago played by Harry Dean Stanton.

They rescued the President as they made it back alive. Donald Pleasance was the President and Lee Van Cleef was the Commissioner of the Police Force. Such a great cast.

It had a great ending, as they made it. For as far as I know, this is a ‘B+’ movie.

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