The Tin Soldier

I saw this TV movie at Christmas time when it was on YTV with my own eyes!! In this 1992 or 1994 TV children’s movie, based on the children’s story by Hans Christian Anderson, this movie was filmed at the National Art Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. Years before I was born.

Today the National Arts Centre remains there, as in Ottawa today, everything has changed. New things in new areas. Some places gone after many years. It squashes a man’s ego.

Anyway, the movie. This tells a boy who receives a gift for his birthday. 5 tin soldiers. In the book, there were 25, but in this there were five. Each soldier was the same. Showing their arms, eyes front, wearing white shoes, white pants with red stripes, a blunderbuss, orange, white and red hat, and those colors with blue on their uniforms.

Each soldier was the same. Except for one who was different. He had one leg. Because he was the last to be made and the tin had ran out. When the tinsmith needed to give it a real leg, he found pieces of some scrap iron, melted it all down, and gave it a new leg. And armored typed one. There he was fine, with his two different legs standing, the same as the rest on their normal legs.

They were placed in a cardboard castle. And every midnight while the children are fast asleep, they come to life. Besides the tin soldier and his brothers, there were other toys he’d never met before. There was a sailor, a strongman, a rag doll, two frogs, and some other toys. However, there was one he’d started to love, if his tin heart started to melt.

The villain however, was a goblin who’d lived in a jack in the box. He had a sinister face. He was like a jester wearing red and black stripes and white squares on his clothes. The tin soldier’s adventure began when the goblin threw him out the window and into the sewers.

Like the book, and in this movie, he fought rats, swallowed by a fish, returned home and made it back alive. He had a bad smell by the fish, when the frogs however washed him off with water.

A final fight was started as it had a happy ending. I can’t tell you what did, but I can tell you this.

The goblin in his jack in the box fell off and was defeated. He shattered his face when he fell flat face backwards. His face was in pieces as the children found this out. When they found something romantic, it ended the movie as it showed something on love.

I can’t tell you what happened, because you know, that’s spoiling. And I recommended, this movie is suitable for children whenever they watch this. Only on VHS. They didn’t do this on DVD. And I recommend this is a ‘B+’ movie.

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