Road House

Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott were great together in this 1989 hit movie. About a bar security man who heads to a town and helps a bar owner and his crew to be security men in that man’s bar. No fighting, no switchblades, no cutting, no nudity and all that.

Meanwhile, they saved the town from a naughty nautical nasty neighbor who plans to get rid of the town. It took all they got as they shot him by four shots, one from each different type of shotgun as he was dead.

It was a 6/10 star movie as Patrick Swayze was good. Even Sam Elliot when he takes on guys like Patrick.

They mentioned this in a “Family Guy” episode as Peter Griffin beats up some guys. Very inspired thanks to the movie. Then does this car thing. Before that, he was with Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt in “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” as he had beaten up Lucy! It was all that she gets, when she does that football trick. She got beaten, as Charlie Brown got his actual chance to kick the football! He earned it thanks to Peter. And after every fight, he says, “Road House”.

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