Top picks for a ‘Bad Hair Day’

Since I was in elementary school and high school, I always wanted to do a ‘bad hair day’. Look funky like the way students were in the movie, “Hairspray”. And others today and in the 80’s. Stuff like that are awesome. They way you color it, dye it, change it, make it look funky and shave some parts off.

I remember mine in high school as I had a mohawk, colored dyed in blue as I was wearing an army type t-shirt I got from the US on my homecoming back to Ottawa from New York. The one thing made me cool with it and the mohawk, was that it had an actual army badge. ‘Sergeant Major’. I’m not sure what the three stars mean on it, but I think it may sound like ‘first class’ or ‘third class’. And for all that, I was the only winner as others didn’t in high school. I got bored and tired in class, when it was the first time I watched “Romeo and Juliet” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. (Before “Princess Mononoke”). I had to face it, as I was glad it was over. I was so happy I was the winner, as the best prize for me was choosing what food I can get from the bake sale for free. On leftovers that were still good. It was the best moment of my life in high school before I graduated.

Since the opening scene of “Full Metal Jacket” showed a shaving montage by the song, “Hello Vietnam” as how recruits shave their hair off, I’ve seen some parts in movies and TV shows for the way, they do a ‘bad hair day’. In every movie maybe, and TV series with one episode, they only do that for one chance.

Out of some movies and TV shows in character design and layouts, I choose the top picks than the ones that look crappy.

  • Michael J. Fox and Jason Bateman- Werewolves. Since they were scarce as teenage werewolves, Michael and Jason were funky as werewolves in the 80’s of the “Teen Wolf” series. It made them look like that. It was their own hairy situations.
  • In two episodes of YTV’s program, “Grossology”, a mad rogue scientist with the power to control his own massive hair, can make anyone bald or have facial hair problems. He gave them two ‘bad hair days’ both bald and facial hair problems. Finally went to jail in the end, as it was a ‘close shave’.
  • A fur cut, did happened to Sagwa, in “Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat” due an accident. I just hope she is alright, for she’ll have her fur okay in no time. I was glad she’s safe, but not something you may like or not like. However, for more episodes on that TV show, I purpose, that we give that TV show a second chance, and give it a second season with new adventures.
  • In an unknown episode of the TV show, “Billy the Cat”, one of his friends did get a ‘bad hair day’ by having a mohawk. I saw this two times when they showed this on Teletoon in the mornings.
  • “Sailor Moon” in which Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus, had to deal with their bad guys as they had a ‘bad hair day’ at a hair salon. Not like a barbershop, but okay.
  • The number 1 in best ‘bad hair day’? Serena from the “Pokemon” series! Since she started her journey as a Pokemon performer, she was doing great. However after an accident, she felt terrible as someone else won. She decided to cut her own hair after that, to change herself. And she did. And I love her look! I still love her old look, but she looks good however. Even after going out on a date with Ash.

And to these characters who faced a ‘bad hair day’, they have great looks after all that. Even Duck, the Great Western Engine would be proud of them all. Even when he and these guys had what we call, ‘a close shave’. So for these guys, I shall award them for best ‘bad hair day’ look.

The winners are…Serena, Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sagwa to her and her family and Queenie!

The others, I don’t think so!

Serena (Before)

Serena (After)



Serena (Pokemon): “Thank you for this awards! They are the best!”

Mina/Sailor Venus: “Yes. We did face days like those. Right fellas?”

Serena/Sailor Moon, Sagwa and her family: “Mmm hmm”

Me as O-Dog: “And that ribbon looks good on you, thanks to Ash”

Serena (Pokemon): “You are very generous. Including you Duck”

Queenie: “And you know Duck? We all know you were a brave engine”

Duck, the Great Western Engine: “That’s alright fellas. I didn’t knew that either”

Scar, a cat: “You were very brave indeed. We are all proud of you”

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