Water for the Elephants

Circuses. Than illusional ones, but better ones like the Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey are amazing. For children all ages. It can be that, as life in a circus can be the greatest show on Earth.

Robert Pattison plays a Polish American veterinarian, who’s life changes after his parents were killed in a car accident as his family lost everything. He joined a circus by jumping onto a train, as it was his home.

Everyone grew fond of him, including the owner and his wife. Christoph Waltz was the owner who was crazy and mean a bit, as his wife was played by Reese Witherspoon. Since the animals were all good except the horses, one of them was injured and dying as the rest of the horses had to be sold. All they afforded was an elephant.

The owner was crazy at first, but they realize she had a long memory as she can remember much. She can be funny as she can drink. She can drink booze and lemonade. Water too. However, she can understand not only English, but only Polish. Thanks to the vet, the owner and his wife can understand Polish.

After all the hard work he did, he joined the circus family. The circus owner was so jealous of this, he betrayed anyone as he made a mistake. The crash of the circus had occurred to all this, when people hate him. It was no more when animals escaped, everyone evacuated, all quitter as the bad circus owner was killed by the elephant for good.

Everything went better, when the vet and wife had a new life together. They gave one last show as the animals were set free. Years later, the vet as an old man told the entire story to a circus owner when he planned a visit at a different circus.

For as far as I can see, a report I’d give it for a circus movie, ‘B-‘.

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