Hercules (2014)

Based on the mythological Greek legend, this was one of the stories of Hercules and his comrades as they had to face battles, betrayal and sacrifice. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson plays as Hercules as he faced the hydra, a humongous boar, and a gigantic lion.

All that in single fights. Then came cannibals as he, his comrades and some Greek soldiers fought. They were cautious of centaurs, but they were facing betrayal.

John Hurt played an emperor in this as he wanted to conquer, all of Greece. As they had to face him, a truth was told on how his wife and children died. When he was drugged up, he fell asleep as three wolves came loose as they killed his wife and children. In his mind, he tought it was Cerubus, the three headed dog of Hades.

As it was only three big black furry wolves, he killed them as he did get bitten though. Remember, something like that can make you be one when the moon is full. Taking out the emperor and his army, it ended the entire movie as he did all the work he can.

The legend does say he was sent to heaven to see his father, Zeus. After all the fighting he did. But he will be in the stars and constellations. For as far as I saw, this is a 7/10 star movie. Besides those two, they were Ian McShane from “Coraline”, and Rufus Sewell from “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and “Amazing Grace”. Those guys were great!!

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