Hollow Man

With Kevin Bacon and Josh Brolin, this movie was directed by Paul Verhoeven and filmed in 2000. Since 1933 of the H.G. Wells science fiction horror story of “The Invisible Man” with Claude Rains, this was one of Kevin Bacon’s crazy movies as a bad guy.

In a warehouse in a lab downstairs below, a experiment was on invisibility as they have been testing on animals. One formula to invisible, blue. The antidote, red. When a scientist as their leader decided to be the first human to be invisible, he takes on being invisible as it slowly drives him insane. Almost like the novel and the 1933 classic Universal Studios movie with Claude Rains.

They tried bringing him back, but the effects on the antidote made him suffer. They couldn’t get him back. It drives him insane as he ends up just like Claude.

He had been having sex with women, sneaking up on people, scaring kids while wearing a plastic mask, and murdering people. He even killed an agent government officer while taking a swim in his pool! You cam see him invisible by water, smoke, his plastic stuff he was wearing, thermo scanners, lots of steam, a fire extinguisher, spilled blood from blood bags, and flames by flamethrowers.

One by one, the scientists have been murdered by him as he goes wild. Almost like “Alien” as each member gets killed one by one. And down below for where they were, no one could hear them scream. Just like the “Alien” movie that ‘In space, no one can hear you scream’. And you could hear the laughter of an invisible hollow man, like if he doesn’t want to look himself in the mirror anymore.

He was almost like Claude Rains when he gave new designs on his looks on his mask. A fake hair, hat, sunglasses, and clothes. He began to blow up the lab with some sulfuric acid and some nitroglycerine as two of the scientists were the only ones alive, and trying to get out. He lost his new look and clothing as he was almost burnt by a flame-thrower.

When he got electrocuted almost, they can see him almost. Only by looking at his bones, flesh and organs. The lab blew up, taking him to the flames of hell. I’m telling you, this is a 10/10 movie!

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