Black Robe (1991)

Based on the novel by Brian Moore, and it had took place in aboriginal history in Canada, by some of these events, a Jesuit priest was in Quebec of the time of Samuel De Champlain as he was with the Indians, who are trying to survive.

Fall and Winter of 1634 in Quebec, Canada, French colonists are settling in New France or Quebec as they are aware of the Indians of the Algonquin. Between them and the Indians, they are trying to face survival on winter when it comes. That was when a Jesuit priest went there to go help them.

Things were a lot different and hard in the aboriginal times. Such as in Quebec, and how down south in North America, was where ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ took place. 1757 was where a war was between the British and French, with the help of Indians as they were fighting for land to live.

That was before the American Revolution in 1776 and how Canada became a country in 1867.

As they head to Huron, they try to survive and trust the priest as they fear him, like if he was a demon or some sort. When some fear him, they might get into a conflict. However, they were captured by Tomahawk warriors as they were taken to a camp. The chief there, even cut off one of his fingers! Gross!

Winter came, as they had to survive. Heading towards islands, avoiding frozen lakes and all that and etc., Black Robe stayed a bit longer as he helped a few Indians to believe in him and god. That was the end of the movie. In the epilogue, 15 years later, the mission to help Canadian Indians have failed as people from France returned to Quebec. As their new home, their New France and away from the Indians.

For something like this, maybe 6/10 stars for a straight movie.

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