Slap Shot

Paul Newman and a gang of others star in this hockey typed comedy. About a losing team that starts to be a winning team as they get new players and new ideas. With three new players, all brothers wearing glasses, and who love toys and electric cars, they get into so many fights in hockey games, who knows what their manager will say?

In every game in fights, I would’ve thought they would just give up games after they have been fighting with other hockey teams. Instead, they just kept on going like what they want to. And I would’ve thought if they get caught by the police, they would be sent to jail as they might give up.
This does show how good they are, and how they might deal with people back in their hometown.

After they won the hockey games, and sticking their butts out at people, the team gave up hockey, and decided to retire after all these years. For what I saw, it was a straight 6/10 star game. And some parts funny too.

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