Ringo Starr (The Beatles) on Thomas the Tank Engine

When “A Hard Days Night” was a smash hit to North America in the Oscars, and how it changed cinema history, the Beatles were still popular. Such as for John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCarthy and Ringo Starr.

Since they broke up, became no more and how John Lennon and George Harrison passed away, we all know Paul was on Saturday Night Live as he did two popular songs. “Live and Let Die” and a Christmas one.

As for Ringo, before I saw him in the Beatles, since he was the drummer, he was also the very first narrator in the TV series of “Thomas the Tank Engine”. Based on the stories by the Rev. Wilbert Awdry. And some by his son, Christopher. He even played as a character who even told the “Thomas the Tank Engine” stories again in episodes in the TV show of “Shining Time Station”. It happened on YTV as he only did one season.

For as what I believed, I think he was a great narrator. And really reliable too. I’m sure Paul, John and George would be proud of him. Very proud. He may happen in some anniversaries of that locomotive, and all of his friends just as long as he is okay with that.

And since he did a great job on that, and worked on music a bit, George Carlin took over as he was a great narrator. Then Alec Baldwin, and a few more that took over. Even Pierce Bronson who narrated one of the movies, straight to DVD.

In 1984, Ringo and Wilbert did an interview on TV as they talked about this character. He may haven’t read the books about it or any of that, but I’m sure he did a great job. Maybe even show some of that and telling the stories to some young relative he knows of. He and Wilbert were awarded with egg cup holders after that. And that must’ve been nice. Just for what he and Wilbert did a great job. On “Thomas the Tank Engine”.

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