Crusoe (1989)

I’ve never seen Aidan Quinn to play as Robinson Crusoe in this movie. Based on the novel by Daniel Defoe, in the 1800’s, a sailor en route to Africa to retrieve slaves made him shipwrecked, due to a tropical storm as he was stranded on an island.

He had everything he got to survive from the shipwreck as he would realize, there were Africans as cannibals! He killed some and kept one alive by using his rifles. His captured friend was found dead in the jungle after he escaped, and beheaded thanks to the cannibals.

He befriended two more African cannibals. One in which they escaped from quicksand as he build him a boat to set him free, and one more in which he was rescued by European sailors as they caught that cannibal to be their slave. He was rescued for sure, and while the crew on that ship slept, he helped that African cannibal escape by using one of the lifeboats.

Life and liberty were precious as that was what he learned from the story, since he escaped from the island. And since the 50’s, 60’s and everything for what has happened in history to African Americans, we all care for people that there is today. Even though we have different facials, language or skin color, we are all equal people today, no matter how different. That is what I learned as we would NEVER say two of those ‘n’ words to African Americans. We are all equal people. Even for what we learned about in history, those 1800 days are over. We are in the future. And thanks to the movie, “Amazing Grace”, Ioan Grufford as William Weberforce freed people from slavery, as he was like an Abraham Lincoln to me. As we are equal men to people, by the people.

For as far as I’m concerned to this movie, this one I rate 7/10 stars!

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