The Jungle Book (1942)

Better than any version there is, this is a true version of Rudyard Kipling’s classic. About Africa in the jungles, as a boy who ran away from his mom as a baby, as he was raised by wolves.

It had been years for him as he had been communicating with them. They cannot talk, but he can understand for what they are saying. He was even on a hunt for a tiger as the villain, as he killed it in the water by using a knife.

In this movie, a revolution was on between man against the jungle on what they want to build in the future. By maybe taking parts of the jungle. Unfortunately, wildlife live there as animals there need to survive. You don’t want to even get mauled by a black panther there. Or those wolves, or hyenas.

When thieves were stealing treasure from a temple city, they had to be killed unfortunately as they know for what they were doing wrong. Wildfire began in the end as people had to flee.

The boy had to stay in the jungle, to protect the animals as he would return maybe someday. He told that to his mother that she lost him and a girl she met as a friend. No one knows what happened, but that was another story. If that is how Rudyard wrote the second ‘jungle book’.  This is a 5/10 star movie. Just to try something new.

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