Locusts in media

When I first saw these crickets or grasshoppers in “The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island” in the beginning, those are not flesh eating bugs. They are called locusts. And they have been around since the dinosaur age and one of the Ten Plagues of Egypt!!

For as far as I can know which media on what TV shows and movies they were in, I can tell you.

1. “Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat” on a episode called, ‘Tribal Cats’. Gypsies came to town as they bring their cats that look different, and eat locusts as snacks. Sagwa and her entire family learn this in the end, that some food they eat taste amazing. So locusts aren’t that bad at all. Even for a lizard to have one as a treat.

2. “The Mummy” with Brendan Fraser as after the mummy came back to life, a swarm of locusts attacked the camp as they were forced to leave. They first killed many Arabian diggers, as some were on one of the crew members.

3. “The Ten Commandments” with Charlton Heston as Moses as he brings that on one of the Ten Plagues in one of the rarest scenes.

4. “Ruby Gloom” on a Friday the 13th episode, in which it was the most unluckiest day of the year. “Disaster Becomes You” as they shaved off Ruby’s hair. Along with Iris as they ate parts of feathers of Poe, the raven. But they have done some trimming on bushes by their teeth.

5. “Stickin Around”, a cartoon TV show on a episode called ‘Have a cow man!’. When they are farming, a bully and his sidekick pretend to be those bugs as they want to hog all that stuff. Luckily, a boy named Bradley comes to the rescue and takes them out. With the help of a girl named Stacy. They are cartoon drawing characters, but they were good. As long as they were great as friends.

6. The one we know. “The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island”. Kinda freaky though, but it did attacked some dinosaurs while feasting. So stay away from that animated movie. Freaky parts are bad in this movie I dislike the most. Stay away from that movie, and the rest of “The Land Before Time” movies.

It can be gross while eating those, but you don’t want to throw up. They have protein in which if you need to survive, you’ll need that. That’s a cool tip. Then again, all they want to do is eat, harvest and multiply. That’s one part for what they did in farmlands during the Great Depression. And can happen today, as long as you mess bug-spray or a flamethrower to kill those bugs.

Whenever those bugs happen, we’ll leave them be. For where they are in this world. And if they do, I’ll feed the entire species to lizards, chameleons, frilled lizards, and some bearded dragon lizards. And they’ll love those for dinner. Chow down on those people!

Sagwa: “Really people!”

Dongwa: “They can be gross!”

Lik-Lik: “Really. You don’t want to be having that type of dinner in this world”




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