Kenneth Mars, Charles Durning and Cuba Gooding Jr. in “The Land Before Time” movies

When I first watched these movies of ‘The Land Before Time’, since I watched the first one directed by Don Bluth was sad, I never knew who Hollywood’s famous stars were until now. That was why after learning about Don Bluth, and some of his movies, ‘The Land Before Time’ movies had three of Hollywood’s famous stars!

Kenneth Mars, since he was the inspector in “Young Frankenstein” by Mel Brooks, and with Gene Wilder in “The Producers”, I couldn’t believe how he was the grandfather in that entire kids dinosaur series from the second to the twelve. He was the grandfather of the longneck dinosaur as he did well. I must say. Very well done, and Mel would be proud of him.

Charles Durning, since he was that Nazi Col. with Mel Brooks, Anne Bancroft, and Christopher Lloyd in the 1983 remake of “To Be or Not To Be”, he played as a prehistoric turtle in the fourth movie of “The Land Before Time” series. He lead the dinosaurs to find the flowers to help the sick grandfather, as he got better in the end. I’m sure he was impressive.

And finally, in the last one, one of the dinosaurs was played by Cuba Gooding Jr.! The guy who tells Tom Cruise on the phone on the ‘Show me the money!’ scene in “Jerry Maguire”. He played the voice as one of the dinosaurs that were new as they met the small dinosaurs. It was the last movie, released on DVD as I never knew about stars until now. And Cuba Gooding Jr., I think you’ll love him in that WWII airplane dogfighting movie, “Red Tails”. In which you can rule the skies!

I used to watch some of these movies while growing up, when it was a new beginning for me. They can be freaky though on some characters and music, for as long as there is not any trouble to this. But I am sure, Mel Brooks would be proud of two of his favorite friends, he know of. And some friends too for Cuba.

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