Silent Scope- an arcade game

Who’s better than Bradley Cooper in ‘American Sniper’, tougher than Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry, and was in first place than Nikki Lauda? ME!!!

I played a video shooting game, like “Terminator Salvation” as I had good eyesight as a sniper man. I was taking out two flying vehicles, and two dozen bad guys as I know what I was going to shoot. Thanks to some help on that game, I was able to take them out. When I realize I was getting killed, it was over for me as I realize also, I was in first place. So I wrote my name by ‘OPK’ on the screen as I was in first place, before anyone that can take me on.

I was in 9th place in a ‘Terminator Salvation’ arcade video game in pulse rifle mode from ‘Aliens’ as I took good care on shooting games. If I had weapon again for real, I’d be taking out enemies I hate the most. And Bradley Cooper, with Clint Eastwood too. As a Canadian sniper!


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