DVD Release: Fury

Guess what movie that came to DVD, better like the same for “The Wind Rises”? “Fury”!

A 5 man American crewmen in a tank known as “Fury” as they have been killing German Nazi soldiers in Africa, Belgium and France. Right now they are killing Germans in Germany. Mass suffering have happened in that enemy country as the Americans were losing tanks with it’s tank crew members, as some German civilians had to surrender. Such as hanging and killing themselves for how they hate Hitler.

Hitler took control of everything, as he took things the wrong way. No wonder when Germany surrendered, he had no choice but to put a gun in his mouth and shot himself.

For our heroes, they know their old unknown assistant driver was killed in battle as they had a recruit. A new member. He was frightened at first, didn’t know what to do, as he became a true killer. This is a movie in which Logan Lerman, the actor learns a lesson in this for what he did in that goddam movie, ‘Noah’ that was totally wrong. He learns all this from Brad Pitt, Shia, and all those other guys in that tank.

They had cool names such as Brad Pitt, he played Staff Sergeant Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier, as there was Logan as Pvt. Norman ‘Machine’ Ellison, Shia LaBeouf as Technician Fifty Grade Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan, Michael Pina as Cpl. Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia, and Jon Bernthal as PFC Grady ‘Coon-Ass’ Travis. Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwood’s son played as Sgt. Miles who was killed in battle by German enemy machine guns in a nearby town when they entered.

The one thing that is disturbing, is that children are like wanna be Nazi soldiers in the war! Which is why children have to be killed in war. But not in other wars such as the Vietnam War and tar war in Afghanistan. We never do that anymore.

A stunning term of being in a world of shit happened in this movie, when the Fury tank had been destroyed at first as they took out 300 Nazi infantry men in just one night. There were survivors as the Nazi’s moved on when the battle was over, as Norman was the only survivor. Coon Ass was shot by metal when they fired an RPG and died in the tank as Bible was covered in mud, while wrestling a Nazi as he was shot in the head by a rifle, as blood came out his eye. He got shot by that while entering the tank. The same happened to Trini when he pulled the pin on a grenade by accident as the sacrificed himself to save the rest, as Wardaddy was shot a few times by a German Nazi sniper. Finally, blown in the face by stick grenades. His face didn’t get blown off.

I will never forget this movie. If I ever have any tanks like this one, I should give em cool names. And these guys as actors would ride tank again, if fixed.

So watch out kids! Because the Fury tank is coming to town!

Heads up kids! The Fury is back in town!!!

(Kids cartoon characters screaming)

Fifth Technician Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan: “Yeah! I see ya!”

Pvt. First Class Grady ‘Coon-Ass’ Travis: “Yeah!”

Cpl. Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia: “Make room for us!”

Staff Sergeant Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier: “Easy…”

(Pvt. Norman ‘Machine’ Ellison shoots at some kids cartoon characters with a machine gun)

(Kids cartoon characters screaming)

Pvt. Norman ‘Machine’ Ellison: “That’s right!! Get outta here!!!”








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