Elmo clip- Amy Tan, author of Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat

Voiced by Kevin Clash, he plays Elmo in Sesame Street as guest star author Amy Tan comes on the show! She is the author who made “Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat” as it was later made into a TV show on PBS kids. Right during the years after 9/11.

She tells the story of her book, just like the TV series as Elmo tells the story to her friend. After that, she brings a siamese cat like Sagwa as I want a siamese just like her. When I move into an apartment I know of, as long as there is a pet policy or not.

I just care for that TV show so much on Sagwa, I want the entire TV series so it won’t be history!!! For three of my cousins I know in Digby, Nova Scotia, as long as I find those DVD’s out there. If that goes with my parents.

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