Amy Tan and Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat

This is the actual author who wrote the book of “Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat”. I am inspired by her like Hayao Miyazaki so much, I care for her book and the entire TV series. It’s like saving her animated characters in that TV series as I’m a William Weberforce and a Abraham Lincoln all together.

I may go into animation at Algonquin College, for as long as children care for a second season of that TV show, as I got to make a better world for media. On TV and movies everywhere. And making DVD season sets of that Sagwa TV show as I want to impress children and three cousins I know of that love that stuff. And of course, making sure DVDs of Sagwa won’t be forgotten. There are some out there, that I got to find as there are episodes I have to post on YouTube from my TV.

I’ve been watching that show a bit, since before and after we had our vacation to Toronto on Canada’s Wonderland. And when I came back. I later found that after “The Muppets” came out. It was a smash entire TV series. All of those episodes were amazing!

They even show lessons on how they do in China. Pretty stunning.

Since it is still out there, maybe on TV by chance, I’m doing the best I can to save some episodes. Amy Tan, one day when I meet you, we should think on making a motion picture on Sagwa!

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