Misery (1990)

James Caan, Kathy Bates, Richard Farnsworth and Lauren Bacall, were in this hit horror classic story by Stephen King.

A romantic novelist almost dies in a car accident, due to a snowstorm in Colorado as a nurse brings him to her home, and aids him well. She’s a big number one fan of her so much, she begins to go crazy as she begins to become a psycho killer. She becomes that, after reading his book that’s not even published.

Burning that by flammable liquids and lighting it, he stats alive to write a new book for her, that will be a part of her book collection. Her book collection on those novels he wrote. For days and nights, he writes that book as he tries to kill her and stay out of trouble. He got caught by that stuff as he had his ankles hit by a sledgehammer. In a hobbling.

A sheriff came by as she knew he was coming. When he found him and before he knew it, he was shot by her two sided shotgun. After he had enough, he made a last night as he burned the papers and hit her in the head, many times as he can, as she was a psycho killer.

She died after that. 18 months later, walking again by cane, he was good as new as he decided to be careful on what he writes. Even for fans like that psycho killer nurse. Kathy Bates as that psycho killer nurse won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress after that, as the creator of ‘Family Guy’ years later, made a parody of this. The same went for ‘Robot Chicken’ on Charlie Brown.

Stephen King can be great on his novels, as long as they made any sense. On a classic horror story like this, that can take place in Colorado, 7/10 stars. Pretty good, but some parts I dislike in this. Not on the horror parts, but just some words I do not want to hear. Not swearing, but something I dislike.

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