Stephen Hawking and “The Theory of Everything”

Since I knew Stephen Hawking, he appeared in “Superhero Movie” as a funny paralyzed guy who sits in a chair, and has a computer to speak. He’s been like that since as far as he can be. Not born paralyzed. In the movie, he is totally funny as he wants Drake Bell as the Dragonfly to fly. Dr. Stephen Hawking is funny, when he made a speech at a science fair, at a convention, how he got attacked by killer bees, and was fallen off the building thanks to Leslie Nielsen before he died after that.

In cartoons such as “The Simpsons”, “Futurama”, and “Family Guy”, he is funny. Like that “Superhero Movie”. He can be the same.

But today, with him as that, his bottom jaw showing, paralyzed and all that, it was the true him. He want to prove in space, that there are some things out there, far off in our solar system. Like alien life out there, and black holes. He’s an astronomer. Who believes in what he might think out there.

However, since he was the same on his life and career, a movie came out in which it won a few awards at the Golden Globe Awards. “The Theory of Everything”. It was all about how he was a moving man, and a brilliant student as he was falling in love. With his future wife, Jane. He was a young, happy man in the 60’s as he was the same as the students there. Unfortunately, when he got into an accident or is feeling like he’s got something inside of him like tuberculosis, he was getting that non commutable disease in him. Motor neuron disease. In which his brain will be okay, but will lose the ability to move around. He had two years to live in that. So in the following years, he and Jane were married as he slowly begins to change. They might’ve had some children but begins to learn more about astronomy for Stephen. And begins to become what he is today, before he dies. So in this loving, sad but remarkable movie coming soon to DVD, it’s a theory of everything to Stephen Hawking as he was then, and now. I do feel kinda sorry for him, for what happened. He may die while being paralyzed when he kicks the bucket, but I believe he was the man who taught us about everything he sees, to believe.

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