5 Card Stud (western movie)

Dean Martin, Yaphet Kotto and Roddy McDowall were together in this 1968 western movie. Not only it’s about poker on card games for how they play, in the west, but how they are ended up in a murder mystery. Almost like that no good movie the creator of ‘Family Guy’ made, “A Million Ways to Die in the West”.

The killer was the cowboy played by Roddy along with a preacher. The people didn’t know about this until now. Roddy as that cowboy wanted payback for what happened to him as he and that preacher wanted to get rid of that town.

He must have a reason why in that movie. On the other hand, Yaphet Kotto was pretty young. It was 11 years before he was Parker in that first “Alien” movie in 1979. Where he was with Ian Holm, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright, and Tom Skerritt as that commercial crew in which that got killed by an extraterrestrial organism that can be breed by using humans as egg sacs. John Hurt was the host as he was killed when the alien was born as it killed only four members. Yaphet was one of them. Ian was an android as he malfunctioned, when it was Sigourney Weaver who survived after blowing up the ship and cargo, and killing it by shooting it out of the airlock. And send it flying into space, killing it.

It is a good movie, 5/10 stars. Just as long westerns would know what they are about to.

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