Act of the Heart (1970 movie)

In one of Donald Sutherland’s early movies, he played a priest as this movie took place in Montreal and was filmed in Canada.

“The Act of the Heart” was about a French Canadian skater who was falling in love with a fiancé as she met this priest while skating. Played by Sutherland. Unfortunately, her fiancé died as she prayed everything in church for everything to change her life.

However, because I saw the end, after too much she can’t handle, she was on a hill on Mount Royal. With too much of that, she covered herself with flammable liquids and burned herself to death on a cold winter day. The movie ended on that woman, burning herself to death. All the way to the bones until she was a burnt crisp. The fire died down as she was dead from that to her black bones because of burning herself.

It’s a total suicide, no one would ever want to do. Not even freezing yourself to death on a winter night at -30 degrees.

It’s a 5/10 star movie. For as long we never do these things in Canada. Such as burning yourself by flammable liquids at over 1000 degrees and freezing yourself to death on a -30 cold winters night.

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