Executive Decision

Kurt Russell, John Leguizamo, Halle Berry, and Oliver Platt were together, in another one of those airplane attack movies since “Air Force One”. A plane hijacked by terrorists as it contained a deadly gas that can wipe out life on the eastern board of the US.

A commando squad was able to get on board the aircraft quietly as they took out the terrorists, close to the conclusion. They had to know where the deadly gas was at first, after climbing on board. Then starting a plan to take out the terrorists.

For what I’m more concerned, was how great Kurt and John worked together to save 400 passengers on that plane. One of them was the detonator. But they took the detonator out. For those terrorists look Russian, but more afghanistan type. Their leader was out of his mind on threading but was finally shot by John Leguizamo. Still, people like their type, you would never say that ‘n’ word at all to them.

It’s a good movie, as I rate only 5 1/2 out of 10 straight stars to this one.

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