Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

I thought this was worse, but it was not that bad, since I have heard about, and seen it.

A 700 gigantic asteroid known as ‘Matilda’, was on a collision course to Earth as a space shuttle in the beginning, known as the Deliverance was their only hope to stop this. It failed, to their last and only hope when it was in the asteroid field as it caused a fire to blow it up. It was their only hope to save mankind, as it failed.

The world had three weeks to live, before it collided into Earth and killed them all. Steve Carrell played a man as he was looking for her love, along with a nagging woman along to go back home. She was a smoking woman as he had a dog, that came along that someone gave him.

They had their relationships together, and hoping to get back, but they were madly in love when they were starting to. There were many people in which they were with together, such as couples before ‘Matilda’ crashes.

T.J. Miller and Martin Sheen were in this, as T.J. Miller was a gay loving waiter and Martin Sheen plays the man’s father. The cool part, was how some friends had a bunker, as they wanted to live. Almost like ‘Terminator’ or ‘Omega Man’ as they want to survive the impact of ‘Matilda’. The most best part was that after getting rid of that girl, the announcer of the broadcast TV studio played by Mark Moses, announces that the asteroid ‘Matilda’ was coming down early. So they have 16 hours to live, as this was the last broadcast that they’ll hear on Earth. In his final moments, he was gonna be with his wife as they’ll be talking about their sons. After he bids them all a farewell, wishing them all a ‘good night’, ‘good luck’ a ‘god bless’, he just took one last look at the studio and just walked out.

Power went throughout the city, as ‘Matilda’ was coming close. The man was okay by himself, when that nagging woman came back. She had to turn around and go see him, because she loves him. In their final moments on a bed, ‘Matilda’ crashed down onto Earth as it wiped out all life on Earth. Which ended the world. 6/10.

The way I think of it, why would a man would want to love a nagging woman as he needs someone to be with him, before the end of the world comes? He’s got to be by himself, which was okay. Steve Carrell can be weird in this I think, but it was interesting on how the end of the world would happen. Like all sci-fi movies or that CatDog episode, some people would survive by evacuating the Earth.

The CatDog episode, ‘The End’ was like that, as they share their last moments together. If they haven’t evacuated the Earth.

Some psychics would say about the end of the world, on a New Years Eve, as long as we live in a bright and hopeful future. If you want to vision last moments on the end of the world, imagine everyone you know sharing your moments before the time comes.

Cat: “Oh guys! Guys, soon we’ll be disintegrated into dust!”

Steve Carrell: “At least we are together”

Cat: (sniffles) “Why don’t you just shut up?”

Dunglap: “Mark Moses? Remember that movie ‘Platoon’ you were in with Willem Dafoe, as he and Tom Berenger were fighting? I threw a tomato at you on the screen. I’m sorry!”

Mark Moses: “It’s fine. You didn’t mean to”

Mervis: “Yeah. That’s okay. But remember when you were in that ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ episode? At that time, I ate Jane Kaczmaerk’s IPhone”

Cliff: “I gotta tell you something Martin! My real name ain’t Cliff! It’s, Clifford”

Martin Sheen: “Hey! That’s okay. I love Clifford. Well, not like the big red mutt, but someone like you who’s big, and happy, you can. I think Clifford will be a great name for you”

Lube: “Eh, my real name isn’t Lube. It’s uh…”

(Clifford grabs his underwear)

Clifford: “Ignatius?!” (Laughs out loud)


Steve Carrell: “Excuse me, Shriek?”

Shriek: “What do you want, dummy head?”

Steve Carrell: “Well, the end is near and I just want to-”

(Shriek shrieks and slaps him in the face)

Cat: “Wow! At least that got off his chest”

Before the end comes, Winslow shows up

Winslow: “Hey? What’s all the ruckus?”

Dog: “The end is coming! We had to use your telescope!”

Winslow: “I told you assholes to stay away from that thing!”

Cat: “Winslow! Hurry up! We’ve got 15 seconds left!”

Winslow: “Let me see” (peeks in the telescope) “Yipe! It’s worse than I thought!”

Cat: “What could be worse than the end of the world?!”

(Winslow sees inside the telescope)

Winslow: “This peanut shell will scratch my telescope!”

Rancid Rabbit: “Three, two, one… zero!”

(Earth explodes)

And that’s how the end of the world would look like this, if Steve Carrell goes nuts.

But as for what they say, a good old year ends, a new one begins.
























After an old year ends, a new one begins.

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