The Maze Runner

Based on the novel, about skills and escaping, there were a band of boys that had no memory of why they came and why they were in a labyrinth. They remember their names after a day, as they had to stay away from the dangers of the maze.

Some wanted to stay and be hidden away, while one remembers as he and other boys found a way out. And they did. It took time to find the only way out, whole avoiding robotic alien humanoid monsters as they can give poison to a victim.

Some boys have died in the centre of the maze, while others have died trying. The rest, finally escaped as they made it! However, when they made it, there was a purpose to why they were there and being set up. When the Sun came close to Earth, like when worlds almost collided, it caused solar flare attacks as they killed thousands of innocent lives. Major cities were lost, as they were burned to dust. The poison from the alien robots, contained a hemorrhage virus that was occurred as it infected many lives on Earth. So like when a virus struck while that was occurring, it killed innocents as it was used, for these alien robots. That was when a mad woman scientist who was too involved into this so much, she decided to experiment on surviving boys as they were set up. She watched over them, until there was a gunfight in the lab. She always want to be sure that, ‘WCKD is good’. But for what she was doing, was wrong.

Finally, the movie ended as those kids escaped. Flew in a helicopter as some soldiers rescued them. While hovering over cities that were almost burned to a crisp, the mad scientist woman was still alive. She was in a meeting, as she found out, this was a success. That is when she says, they will be placed into phase II.

That woman is a psycho killer, since Norma Bates, as she might get for what she deserves. Suicide. This is almost like the Hunger Games. I just hope, those kids are still alive. For what I recommend, this is a 6/10 star movie that you might see.

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