100th Anniversary of the WWI 1914 Christmas truce

This is an historic moment in Canadian and Britain history. Thanks to two movies, “War Game” and the live WWI movie with Daniel Bruhl, this is the 100th anniversary of the Christmas truce in 1914.

Most soldiers have thought this would be over by Christmas, but it took longer than they thought after that. In December 1914, on the Christmas Eve, no longer there was fighting, but singing by the Germans. They sang Christmas songs on that night, as the British soldiers could hear them.

The Canadians too maybe, by chance.

By the morning or evening, each soldier from their trenches came out as they wished a truce, as they all had a merry Christmas. They shook hands as they had the fun they could get. By morning, they had lots of fun. Playing games, eating candies, singing songs, singing goodbye to some soldiers, shaving, and lots they did on that date. It was a historic moment, but true as it’s a matter of giving and friendship at Christmas time.

After that, major commanders must’ve heard about this, as they must never let this happen again. Both the Britain and the German empire. The war continued as it became more deadlier than they thought. That was why this took longer until November 11th, 1918.

I shall never forget this historic moment, as I would think about how these guys would meet again in heaven. I must’ve think, that they are meeting again right now in heaven, as they are celebrating Christmas there. Even celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

So thanks to a book I read, and these two movies, I would always remember this historic moment. Even in Christmas time, when it’s a matter of giving and hope. For these Britain, Canadian and German soldiers on how they had the Christmas WWI truce in 1914.

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