Sailor Moon Super S The Movie: Black Dream Hole

When you look at children sleeping, they must have okay dreams. Rather than being possessed by clowns from another world.

That was when, the you know who’s came along! Powerful, beautiful, weird on their mottos and words, but they have abducted Rini. Sailor Mini Moon. Pink haired, like Serena as she is like a daughter to Serena. And Serena like a mother to her.

In the opening credits, it showed how young they were. How Serena was a happy very young schoolgirl, how Ami used to bake cookies with her mother, how Raye wanted a good look for a photo, how Lita was catching dragonflies and how Mina loved to do performing things when she watched TV. I was thrilled to see how happy there were and now. They were baking goodies for love and all that, in the beginning as they were for Valentines Day maybe.

And this is when Luna and Artemis had their kitten child, Diana.

When Rini befriended a white haired boy, they would see each other again. By then, when the news had spread on abducting children, they wondered why. The music was played by the piper as it had Rini. They found out about this as they followed her, as they found out who that pied piper is. Working for a awkward, sinister queen that was making a black hole in a space station.

Those anime teenager girls became the you know whats, as the crazy parts was taking on the pied pipers magic. Since he loves children, he makes freaky minion bubblegum candies that plan to attack them. How they are set up. Tuxedo Mask was in this, as he got injured. Rini was abducted as she was taken away. With the help of the boy, going in the sky and meeting up with Michelle, Trista and Amara as Sailor’s Pluto, Neptune and Saturn, they’ve dealt with that fight in that space station. They fought hard.

The space station for where the pied pipers live, and are creating the black hole, it was like that place in the ‘Pinocchio’ story in which how very bad naughty children get transformed into donkeys. But in this anime movie, none of them did.

Sailor Moon did all she could to rescue Rini as she made a terrific scene. That pied piper queen was defeated as all of the children were saved. They made it back to Earth, just when the black hole and the space station was destroyed.

On the beaches, after the Sailor Scouts have saved Rini, they smiled as Rini gave a kiss to that white boy before leaving. They watched him leave as they watched the sunrise. This second Sailor Moon movie was what I was looking for, when I saw clips of it on a intro a few times, and on TV. The same goes for YTV on how they did the anime shows such as this one. As I’m fascinated and inspired on anime like this, I give this 7/10 stars. It is for Sailor Moon fans such as girls, but I knew something like this since I saw the tv show on YTV. But they are still beautiful. Anime hot looking attractive girls and women.









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