Sailor Moon S The Movie: Hearts of Ice

What was better than any movies on snow queens, an endless winter, is something like this anime movie. From “Sailor Moon” that made the entire TV series, made this movie that I ever saw.

While these girls were on winter vacation, Serena, Luna, Artemis, Darien, Raye, Ami, Lita, Mina, Rini, Michelle, Trista, and Amara, Luna the black cat, befriended an astronomer. He discovered a crystal that came from a comet that landed on Earth, as it made him become very sick. It made her fiancé worried as she might get sad.

Out in space, a vicious but sinister snow queen wanted to take over the Earth and make an endless winter. To find the crystal first and have that. So she had to sent out ghostly ice witches as they froze up parts of Tokyo.

That was when those anime girls had to transform into their Sailor Scouts.

They had a fight as they only took down three. The rest retreated just as when Tuxedo Mask showed up. Serena found out what Luna had been doing as they made a sad but loving scene. I was looking for a scene like that, since I saw an intro I saw a couple of times. Even on TV. The same for when they did this on YTV.

However, one of the snow queens witches found the crystal as they had a conflict in the end. Taking on the ice queen, together will all their might, the defeated her and saved the Earth. And know what love to all means.

Sailor Moon made a wish to Luna to be a human for a moment, to prove the astronomer that a mystical woman was for real. He knew this in his childhood as he could find her. And she did, while the back cat Luna was in disguised. His love came back as they were together again.

This wonderful anime movie ended with Luna reunited with Artemis as they were together in love. And so did Serena and Darien. In the credits, the Japanese song ‘Moonlight Destiny’ was played in Japanese as it made a together love scene. With Artemis, Luna, Serena and Darien watching the sunset as they watched the night sky. Even when they embraced together. As I’m fascinated and inspired on anime like this, I give it 7/10 stars. It is for Sailor Moon fans such as girls, but I knew something like this since I saw the tv show on YTV. But they are still beautiful. Attractive anime girls.



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