The Great Raid

On true events, this was a WWII American victory that had ever did in U.S. military history. Japan, after attacking Pearl Harbor, was on the brink of conquering as they attacked the Philippines. Both U.S. and Philippine forces have lost some soldiers as they were prisoners.

Some have suffered and died, while there were some executed. Luckily, there were ones still alive as a Japanese commander was bold and serious.

In this movie, James Franco plays a U.S. captain as there was Lt. Col. Henry Mucci played by Benjamin Bratt as they lead a U.S. force against the Japanese forces at a PoW camp. That is where that bold and serious Japanese commander is. The legendary actor Dale Dye, played as Lt. Gen. Krueger in which he was seen in the beginning and the end, before and after the mission.

They befriended Philippine allied soldiers as they both took on the Japanese camp. They took on that in one whole night in a gigantic firefight. They lost a few Philippine soldiers, but only lost two American soldiers during this. But for what I saw, they killed each and every Japanese soldier there was, including the bold and serious Japanese commander. He was dead for good.

It was an historic moment in U.S. history, as it had a great end. 6/10 stars. There are some scenes I skipped, in which I disliked. But I do not wanna know for what that woman did.

I suppose after that, for what Japan had done such as Pearl Harbor, the USS Indianapolis, and this great historic raid, the U.S. finally got what they want as the firebombed Tokyo, Kobe as the took the nuclear bombs and bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That was when I knew about Japan, as they surrendered to the Allied Powers. I got the meaning of it, as I watched ‘Grave of the Fireflies’.

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