White Christmas (1954 movie)

Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye were WWII veteran buddies, as they fell in love with two girls as sisters, in a sister act. And together, they helped their old general to reclaim a hotel in Vermont. In this merrily Christmas spectacular, as they always dream of a beautiful white Christmas. Bing Crosby long ago, sang this most famous song we all know of, as the first singer.

Irvin Berlin was very famous on his music, when this motion picture was finished. Even on this song we all know. With lots of love, confessions, and hope, they were sure to be together when they were doing show business. Until finally in Vermont, they were surprised to see their old general. And how he was running a hotel.

So that was why on Christmas Eve, they had a WWII American veteran reunion as they made their old general very happy. It was a full house party as they loved it. They were even surprised when it started snowing. So that was why in the end of this, they sang “White Christmas” one last time, when they were dressed up in Christmas clothing.

So I’m gonna give this, 8/10 stars. And may your all your Christmases be 100% white.

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