Ernest Saves Christmas

Like the 1947 movie, “A Miracle on 34th Street”, this was when I saw this, as my first Ernest movie I’ve seen. Ernest, a crazy comedic onto adventures as he once went to camp, jail, had a Halloween special, as he saved Christmas in this.

Ernest was a taxi driver, as he was hilarious on taking people to the airport. When he picked up an old man who looks like Kris Kringle, he was the actual guy. Except he needs someone to replace him. After getting fired on taxi driving, and picking up a girl who was having trouble, they both got into a mixup as Ernest had to fix everything. Meanwhile, the airport crew with giant wooden crates at the airport, were dealing with live cargo on Kris’ reindeer and sled. The reindeer went out of control as they were up on the ceiling.

Ernest found the sled and reindeer at the airport as he met two elves. They blasted off from the airport as they went out of control! Funny! You’ve should’ve seen them! In fact, when they stopped, they were above the Earth’s atmosphere, in space! With a bit of air.

(Tip: Once you leave the Earth, there will be no air and gravity when you are above)

It was all well, when Ernest saved Christmas. Everyone were happy this was all over, as Ernest rode with Father Christmas on his sled one last time, and they went flying like as always for what Ernest does! The movie ended, with the two guys who handled the reindeer and sled, now dealt with a one crate, that has the Easter Bunny! Why would a giant rabbit come to the airport in a crate?

5 1/2 out of 10 stars. My first Ernest movie that I saw. And he is really good with disguises.

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