The Reluctant Astronaut

Don Knotts was not only the man on Earth, but was out of this world!

A 35 year old recruit astronaut, was into a lot of vertigo and his phobia of heights, as he was into astronaut training. Instead, he was into janitor work! He tried to tell his father everything, but he never listens. Until he did.

His father was played by Arthur O’Conner. And one of these guys at NASA, is played by Leslie Nielsen! This was them, before ‘The Poseidon Adventure’! How they died in that adventure, while the ones we knew survived.

Before going off into space, you’ve should’ve seen how fast he was going on a runway test! He was like going many miles per hour! He got out by ejecting from his seat as he made it safely.

At last he was blasted off, as he was out of his mind and out of control. He was floating in the air in the capsule as some food went out of control. When he fixed everything, he landed safely to Earth as he was hailed a hero. But he still has that phobia of heights and vertigo.

6 1/2 out of 10 stars. And you’ve should’ve seen how young Leslie Nielsen was, before he was the captain in ‘The Poseidon Adventure’.

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