The Twelve Days of Christmas (cartoon)

Now, you’ve heard of the classical Christmas song, the you know what. On birds, people and things correct as gifts, right? But how do you suppose it began? Well the answer lied in this TV Christmas special.

A partridge, tells the story of a squire’s knight. Hollyberry. And the knight, Sir Carolboomer wanted the love of Silverbelle. So he can get married with her. Of all the things she could want than just a few, came the greatest idea there was. And every day, for twelve days before Christmas, it would be a matter of gifts to her. The first was the partridge in the pear tree, as it returned on the second day with the two turtle doves. Hard to find, hard to catch.

When he had to catch a dove, he was dressed up as one.

(branch breaks)

“Too bad I can’t fly like one!”

But he caught them. And on the third day, he had an argument with the three French hens before taking them.

The rest he dealt with as Silverbelle did had like allergies to the feathers. Such as the geese and the swans. The singing in this was terrible, as I read a book once. When I watched this a couple of times, I do the singing.

There was a mixup in the song than the original song. There were nine drummers than twelve, ten pipers playing the bagpipes than eleven, eleven ladies dancing than nine, and twelve lords leaping than ten. They did the leaping when he placed hot red peppers in their boots. That ended after twelve long days.

Silverbelle felt so much happier, decided to marry Hollyberry, than Sir Carolboomer! She thinks how funny he was when he did all this. It was good, how the partridge did wished us a ‘Merry Christmas’, and I must say, ‘A-‘.

And of course, Hollyberry was hot all over in his face making steam after he received a kiss from that girl.

“Wow! Hot! Definitely, hot!”

Yep, love at first sight to me. It is a good cartoon to remember at Christmas time.

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