The Penguins of Madagascar in- “A Christmas Caper”

Since the movie, “Madagascar” came out, there was this hit short that took place in Manhattan, New York on Christmas Eve! And it happened to these penguins.

When a polar bear, played by the guy who plays the voice of Patrick Star in Spongebob, was left out for the holidays, Private wanted to help by giving something to him. So he escaped from the Central Park Zoo and went out to find the perfect gift. Skipper, Rico and Kowalski, found out that he’s missing as they tracked him down.

That was when an old crazy lady took Private, and thought it was a squeaker toy. The three penguins followed her, as they did a little surfing in the icy streets while attached to the taxi she was in, and getting into the apartments disguised as a snowman.

The old lady lived on the 18th floor of the apartments, as it was on the top. But since Isaac Newton discovered gravity on “What goes up, must come down”, Skipper looked at the mail slot and said…

“What comes down, must go up”.

Opposite. That was when they attached a vacuum cleaner on ‘blow’ to the mail slot, as they each had stamps on them. One for Skipper, one for Kowalski, and one for Rico. And with that. They went right up the mail slot and going up to the 18th floor. Private, in which the old woman thinks it’s a chew toy, was a present to her little poodle dog. The dog can be cute, but can rip things apart like if it had rabies. The dog can totally rip things apart. Luckily, the three penguins came to the rescue by going through the window and…

“Santa Claus has come to town!”

All four penguins had a battle with that poodle, as Skipper used Rico as a machine gun. Rico swallowed a whole bowl of peppermint candies as he was locked and loaded. He fired them like a machine gun from his mouth, controlled by Skipper until he was out of ammo.

With one smart trick, that dog was in it’s own stocking by Skipper, by licking a candy cane on it’s back and sending flying across the room and into the stocking. Then they left, blowing the door down with a stick of dynamite as the old woman saw for what that dog did.

“Mr. Chew! This all your fault! Bad dog! You’re on a big time out!”

When they got back, they had a special Christmas party with the polar bear, as he felt much more happier than ever. The polar bear did invited a few friends over by singing a few carols.

“Jingle bells! Monkeys smell! Melman laid an egg! Marty thinks that Alex stinks, and the camels say ‘Oy Vey’!’

Yep. 10/10 stars for these guys, at Christmas time. But really good music.

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