Sugar: a Little Snow Fairy (anime TV show)

I’ve watched all 24 episodes in this, as it had a two parter special in the very end. This was better, but thrilling than “The Fairly Oddparents” and that stupid series of the “Winx Club”. I watched a bit of this on Netflix a long time ago in Ottawa, as it was good. I made a second chance, as I watched the entire series on how this did.

Saga, a 11 year old schoolgirl had been saving a snow fairy, as she befriended this character. And other fairies of the seasons and weather that they do, she befriended. They control the elements of weather and seasons by playing music. Such as Sugar by the flute, on making the snow fall, Ginger, a rain fairy that can make rain by playing her violin, Pepper, a wind fairy that can make the wind blew by playing her small harp, Turmeric, a cloud fairy by playing the cello on the clouds, and Salt, a sun fairy by blowing a small horn, but changed courses.

The first three, were out finding something shiny in order to get their flowers bloomed. That was how they need to, before the last episodes. Did get themselves into messes.

But it showed how friendship can be, as long as they stay in touch until the end of this series, as seeing is believing. Only Saga saw those fairies, not everyone else. Just as long as long they don’t get into any trouble.

The one thing Saga really loved more than anything, was her mother’s piano. On how she did get music as she was a little girl. And how she can really play today. And for two of her friends, they loved her playing it. Even her teacher. Her girl rival was almost like Madison from “Cardcaptors” as she needed to learn a lesson. But she did for good. There was one of the boys who played Izzy from “Digimon”. He must’ve done stuff well.

So throughout 24 episodes, this was splendid. In a two part special, Saga was 15 years old, as it was been 4 years since they left. She even remembered the dress she wore in a play with her friends, as she did a really great job! She was a pure bride as she did see, a little boy who ended up just like her. On seasonal fairies that had ever did.

And I rate, “A+”, 10/10 stars for an anime TV series.

But for what YTV, Teletoon, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network do, we must never let them do anything stupid on TV with different cartoon series. Even others for other TV programs.

But I really love Saga! Even one of her friends I do have a crush on, and her teacher.



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