Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys

For as far as I can remember, I heard Rick Moranis’ voice in this Christmas movie, in this sequel to the Rankin/Bass Christmas classic. He plays as a phantom pied piper as he steals toys from all over the world.

China, Russia, America, Europe, and many continents for where toys are.

It even struck the North Pole, for where Father Christmas kept all of his toys! That did after Rudolph and his dentist elf made a visit to the misfit toy island, how there was a hospital for toys by a hippo and her gingerbread men, and teaching her girlfriend reindeer how to fly.

The toys were hidden in his secret hideout as they wondered why. After he robbed toys from the madam hippo’ place, the misfit toy island was next.

Rudolph, his reindeer girlfriend and dentist friend did all they could as they caught him in a peppermint mine. They found out that the phantom was a stuffed teddy bear. He had been saving them to keep them safe. So that they wouldn’t get old and be thrown out.

Things went better in the end, as things were sorted out. The toys were given back as this teddy bear, voiced by Rick Moranis, was back to it’s original owner. Only he has a daughter, in which she loved it.

And that was the last voice I’ve ever heard from Rick. He is still out there, planning what movie he should be in next. On the other hand, since I dislike the singing in this, what parts I dislike, and all that, the okay part was that, the flying lion of the misfit toy island, he had pain in his teeth. With the help of Rudolph’s dentist friend, he did had to fix him up. But he needed a root canal. And by turning on the drill, he fainted as he would know, root canals can hurt a lot.

So this is a 4/10 star movie, as it’s only for small kids. I did watched this when I was little, but this movie could only do for little children.

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