Christmas with the Kranks

Have you ever had a plan that can backfire? Well it did to Tim Allen. In this Christmas movie, a couple almost skipped Christmas by taking a vacation down south.

After their daughter, had to go away on a business trip to Peru, South America, they were left out at Christmas time for that couple. But with an idea from the father, he decided to plan a cruise for him and her and skip Christmas. Avoiding neighbors such as one played by Dan Aykroyd, not getting ready for Christmas and not letting ‘Frosty the Snowman’ out for display, Mr. Krank did play a little tricks on them as he froze the walkway. The carollers slipped on them and went out of control as he froze a white cat!

I can’t tell you much, but there was a lot going on.

After so much for what Luthor Krank was doing, and how Mrs. Krank almost got scared by Dan’s gloves on the side windows, their daughter called from Miami airport. She had a fiancé as she was coming home for Christmas.

That was when it backfired. They had to get everything Christmassy up for the holidays. Everything. Even when Tim Allen saw fiery eyes of Frosty the Snowman when he fell off the roof, and his Frosty the Snowman broke. Good riddance! I hated that evil snowman! They did helped him get a new snowman as it just snowed.

There was a thief on the loose, as they finally caught him. They all had a splendid Christmas, as in the end….uh…. You don’t wanna know! 😦

This is a 6/10 star movie I rate, as you wouldn’t believe me for what these two almost did. But backfired.

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