The Year without a Santa Claus

Mickey Rooney was Father Christmas again as he almost took a holiday. Tired and I’ll from giving Christmas cheer, he was taking a holiday as people were gonna do normal days.

When two elves and a baby reindeer wanted to help, they went out into the world as they landed in a place called ‘South town, USA’. Almost like South Park, only better and before that. Not even in Colorado.

Father Christmas and Mrs. Claus try to fix them up to bring them back to the North Pole as Mrs. Claus tries to tell him that there are some people out in the world that still believe in him. As he makes his idea to being the spirit of Christmas that he’ll not take vacation.

Before the end, during this movie, there was a feud between two brothers. Miser brothers. Snow Miser and Heat Miser. They have been fighting since the day they were born.

Mrs. Claus asked Snow Miser’s help to snow in the south, but only by Heat Miser. When she asked him, he wanted an early spring in the north. They can’t decide while fighting, so she visited their parent, Mother Nature. And she had to sort it out. They do fight a bit, but it’s cool on their song that they made about themselves.

So in the end, Father Christmas got well and better as for what he can do, no matter what he brings.

(NOTE: There are some songs in this, that I really dislike as some are good. Even there are ones that are born that we know)

So far, in a time for Christmas, ‘B-‘.

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