The Toy that saved Christmas (Veggie Tales)

From the TV show, ‘Veggie Tales’, this is how giving there is in Christmas than getting things.

When a new toy was presented, known as ‘Buzz Saw Louie’, by that pickle guy and his potato with no eyes, he wanted to make money. By making children spoiled as people would buy those figures of ‘Buzz Saw Louie’.

At the factory, where they made each and every figure, penguins were onto working those, when one of them came to life! He escaped and met with Junior Asparagus, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. They save Christmas as they head to the factory for where Louie was born and how they made the commercial.

They saved Christmas and their town as they know who was behind all this and what Christmas is all about. But when they were caught by that potato and pickle, they escaped as his henchmen penguins followed them. The pickle and the potato guy too.

They almost got killed in a cliff in which a bridge had been broken as they were glad they made it.

Buzz Saw Louie stayed with Bob, Larry and Junior as they were the true heroes that saved Christmas. They did a spectacular TV Christmas special as they did amazing!

A straight “A” for this!

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