The Polar Express

Based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg, this is the classic a Christmas story of believing in some things that you must see. Directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks, he plays the conductor in this movie as he was really good. But serious.

Children who want to believe in Father Christmas, climb on a mystical train that transports them to the North Pole in one night.

Magic begins on Christmas Eve when time stops five minutes to midnight, then resumes when they were there at the North Pole. They had a trip in one night as a boy, wanted to believe in Father Christmas. While he befriended the conductor, she befriended a lonely boy, a girl, a know it all nerd, a hobo on top of the train as a ghost, a fat train engineer and a train fireman as he had long hair!! On his beard and head hair. No moustache.

They traveled through the forests, over viaducts, mountains, cliffs, tunnels, one which had a scary face, a caribou crossing, a glacier glutch, a frozen lake in which it froze parts of the track, a big mountain, a suspension bridge, the Arctic Circle as they made it to the North Pole. It was huge city as it had many toy factory’s.

The centre of the city, was that it had a gigantic Christmas tree, as it was the office of Father Christmas. Many elves were there. Thousands of them like the book! And they did see him, just when a bell was cut off from his sleigh by the jumping reindeer.

The boy was chosen to have ‘The first gift of Christmas’ as it was the bell. It can ring for when he believes. But not if one doesn’t believe.

It struck midnight as time stopped after Father Christmas left, and when they left. But resumed when the boy went back home and went to sleep.

He had the bell as a Christmas gift when he did, as he and her sister would listen to it. It did followed like the story.

Now, this movie is good, but there are parts that I dislike. Such as when he had to pull the emergency brakes when a lonely boy needed to get on, and when he got in trouble by the conductor, his reaction face on the conductor when he says that tickets are not transferable, how he almost threw a girl off the train and drag her like a slave on the roof, how one of the coaches had abandoned toys as one scrooge puppet from the hobo was frightening that boy, how they should get rid of that abandoned toy railway coach, how they can’t hear a bell but a girl can, how those reindeer are always jumpy, how the elves and everyone except the boy were singing ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, leaving the boy left out when he could see Father Christmas and the bells ringing, and the hobo and Scrooge puppet calling him a ‘doubter’. And there is no Rudolph in this.

But on the bright side, the boy can hear the bells. It was different than the book on what parts on this adventure that they added to that made it amazing. It even had classic music like the Andrew Sisters, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, and Josh Groban.

There are interesting parts in this. One, the story began in the 50’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan for where Chris lives. Two, the lonely boy’s house had a sad looking face in the beginning as it had a smile in the end when the lonely boy realizes he has a Christmas tree and a big present. Three, the tickets are golden and looked original typed, as they say ’round trip’ and have great designs on it. Even when the conductor says words in punch holes like “Learn”, “Depend on”, “Rely on”, “Count on”, “Lead” and “Believe”. And four, by the Brio wooden train company, they only made 7-8 wooden train parts to make one whole set. The same as the Lionel model train company, as they made an electric train set and almost 14 additional parts to it. Coaches, figures, different trains, and all that.

This is a 7/10 star movie, as seeing is believing.

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