The Nativity Story

From New Line Cinema in 2006, it gave out the best version of the nativity story. On how Mary was chosen to give birth to a son, by god as she and David had traveled to Bethlehem.

In a time of terrible deaths and tragedy, the Roman Empire was born as they went out of control. Which was why God chose Mary on this, that can bring peace to this world, and unlock the gates of heaven.

They had to stay safe, and travel far as long as they were alive. And on the night they made it, Jesus was born as the star shone upon Bethlehem as this began all this we know of.

So that is why at Christmas, we always celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on how he was. Even the three wise men came. Shepard’s, farm animals, the people of Bethlehem, and everyone in this famous story.

This is a ‘B-‘ movie, since I first watched this a long time ago. It can be dreadful, but amazing on this classic nativity story.

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