The Little Drummer Boy

In a time of passion and trust in this animated movie, it takes place during the nativity story as a drummer boy and three animals were wandering around in the desert.

The drummer boy, once had a family on a sheep farm as they were killed by sheep thieves. His parents were murdered as he was the only survivor. Along with a camel, a donkey and a lamb. He hated humans and people as he wanted to be out on his own. No one else but he and those animals.

When he was caught by a street performer and his assistant, he wanted to make money. He did quite a performance as he went mad. It was the part I disliked that reminded him of the incident that did. How he lost his parents.

They escaped at that time, as they were in the desert at that night. When they saw a camp, there were the three wise men as kings as they saw the star in the sky. Jesus Christ was born.

The three wise men decided to leave as the street performer wanted to perform something at them. But they didn’t. Instead, when the wise men had lost a camel, they had to buy the camel from those three. It was the third animal friend that little drummer boy befriended. He was rich as he letted the drummer boy, the lamb and the donkey go.

They were out on their own, as they would search for their camel friend. All three followed the star for where the wise men went. All the way to Bethlehem.

The lamb got injured by a Roman as it was dead. He wanted to do something, but instead, made a song. It was the song we all know of when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. He stood at the crib of Jesus Christ for where Joseph and Mary are. They smiled as he used his drum to play the song. Everyone loved it, as Jesus smiled. After that, the lamb was alive again as he was not into hatred again.

No one knows what happened to he and his friends, but hopefully found a new family. It was dramatic a bit, but good. For a good mark in all that, ‘D-‘.

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