Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

The voices of Fred Astaire and Mickey Rooney were in this stop frame animated movie, as this tells the story on how Father Christmas was born.

The beginning began a black and white TV broadcast, as it talked about Santa Claus. How they believe him, and be sure to not to cry and pout. Then, letters are to be sent to the North Pole by this delivery man. As he takes a rest, he tells the story of it as he’s played by Fred Astaire.

In a town with no toys, and fun that weren’t allowed, Kris Kringle raised by toy making elves tries to give the best of giving. Since the time of Jesus Christ, he is like a giver as he teams up with a lost penguin, a wise ice wizard, a love interest, and animals of the forest. As they all tried to make the goodwill toward man, in the end he moved to the North Pole as he becomes Kris Claus.

There are some funny parts to this, that my friend Erik really loved. On how the Burgomaster was funny.

As time went by, he and his clan died out of power. They were long forgotten as they now love Father Christmas. And from that moment forward, it was how they believe in him.

And Fred did delivered the letters just before this movie ended. He and the children did a great number on singing the classic song on how we know the title. A straight ‘A’ for this!

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