Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

In the opening before the credits, there have been black and white newspaper and picture reports of severe snowstorms that had ever hit continents of the world. And the people in cities and towns may have a chance to survive, even in Christmas.

However, a miracle happened in this stop frame animation movie by Rankin/Bass. The voice of Burl Ives was the voice of a talking snowman who was at the North Pole as he told the story of the reindeer we all know of.

Rudolph, was a reindeer who had a big red shiny nose that lights light a lightbulb as it whistles. After he and a dentist elf were left out and ran away, they ended up befriending a prospector as they landed on a island where they have never been before.

Toys there were misfits. Some are okay, but some are different. Like a toy train for example, that looks normal. With its engine and caboose. But it had square wheels on the caboose than the engine. And then there is a spotted elephant like if it had the chicken pox, a water pistol that squirts jelly, a cowboy that rides an ostrich, a owl that couldn’t fly, but swims, a boat that couldn’t stay floating and a Jack in the box. Only his name is ‘Charlie’.

Whenever new misfit toys come to the island, the island was under the command of a flying lion. He goes out into the world somehow. When he finds one no one would want, he brings it to the island. He had a giant castle high in the mountains, as he can sit in his throne.

He asked those three, that when they return, they will ask Father Christmas to give the toys a chance. And they will.

It had been weeks as Rudolph was a full grown reindeer. Since he ran away, his family and girlfriend had been gone for months looking for him. He went out to find them as the snowstorm had hit. It caused many damaged two days before Christmas Eve. And there, Rudolph found his family as he and the dentist elf saved them. That did, in the cave of an abominable snow monster!

They saved his family and girlfriend as they made it back to the toy factory. With everything back to normal, everyone worked hard for past two days before Christmas Eve. And, Rudolph volunteered to lead the way through the snowstorm.

With a promise made to those toys, Rudolph became famous. Burl Ives sang a few songs in this. “Silver and Gold”, “Holly Jolly Christmas” and “Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer”.

And now, is the 50th anniversary of this classic story.

And for a report… “B-“. Some parts I dislike, but others I like.

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